Welcome to JM's homepage


When I started this page I didn't know what to put here. Should I put personal information on this page? Try to make a real contribution to all the information on the Web? Is that even possible? Well, we'll see.

Let's talk about music. Among my favourites are Deep Purple, Heart, Thunder, Melissa Etheridge, Texas, Walter Trout, Rory Block, Metallica, AC/DC, Cowboy Junkies, Black Sabbath, Jan James, Emmylou Harris, Dale Watson and Willie Nelson. I have seen all of these bands and artists perform live at least once, in the case of Walter Trout even eighteen times. Seeing Rory Block play her guitar or listening to Metallica at the appropriate sound level (really, really loud) is certainly worth the trouble. Mind you, sometimes the audiences can be a real pain. Why someone would pay good money for a concert and then talk throughout it is beyond me.

Of course, I should mention the site on the television series Police Squad! RS and I have been working on. This could be considered a "real" contribution to the Web, don't you think? And even if it isn't, the site gives us an excuse to watch the six episodes for the umpteenth time.

Pick a number, any number. Thirty-seven! This number pops up too often to be a coincidence. Hence the following proposition by Aad Thoen: The smallest arbitrary number is 37. Here's a collection of examples (mostly in Dutch) and a possible explanation of the use of the number 37.